• glass patio door leading to pool area covered by a vertical cellular shade in gray fabric

Duette® Vertiglide

crafted in broomfield CO
Many times, the largest openings in your home need the biggest solutions. And, with our local Reno area weather, protection from the elements is an important factor. Discover favorite features of Duette Vertiglide:

  • Cellular shades that move vertically
  • Insulation for your largest glass surfaces
  • Stack left, right or center to fit your home
  • Cordless for child safety

Cellular shades are available as vertical honeycomb shades, with sliding transverse operation, stacking to the right, left or middle, based on your home’s layout. Duette Vertiglide provides energy efficiency, UV protection, privacy and dramatic light control for your home. Enjoy an insulated home with the beautiful style of the Duette collection.

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Energy Efficiency

The largest windows and sliding glass doors of your Reno area home heavily influence the comfort of the interior. Temperatures can fluctuate between a drafty chill and intense heat. These large glass surfaces act as a magnifying glass in the summer, warming up your home to exhausting temps in the summer. Vertical honeycomb shades protect your home with the award-winning cellular structure.

Easy Adjustments

The movement of vertical honeycomb shades matches the sliding side-to-side adjustments of sliding doors. Whether manual or as remote control shades, the cordless operation assures safety for children and pets. During your in-home consultation, we’ll help you decide on the best stacking style for your home–choosing from left, right or center stack.

Style Options

Coordinate the look of your doors and windows in the same shared space, whether you need coverage in horizontal or vertical orientation. Choose from a wide selection of designer fabrics, in contemporary textures and colors to customize the look of the organized pleats. Enjoy a stunning atmosphere with vertical shades as the backdrop of your home.