• kitchen sink with window behind it covered by window shade

Silhouette® Window Shadings

crafted in broomfield CO

  • NEW! The Halo features offers incredible lighting possibilities!
  • Perfect for large windows
  • Diffuse glare with sheer fabrics
  • Amazing view-through landscape
  • Disperse natural light for daylighting

Create the perfect atmosphere. Hunter Douglas Silhouette Shades provide a combination of light filtering sheer fabrics and solid vanes in between. You’ll customize the light entering your home. Reduce the glare, protect your interiors from UV rays, increase your privacy–all while enjoying the view of the landscape. Take light control to a new level by adding dual shades, automated shades and room darkening features.

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beige sheer shades with dual roller part way down

Dual Shades

One of the most popular features for light control and privacy, dual shades is available for Silhouette shades. Enjoy the soft entering light and dynamic views with the sheer shade. Then, when you want complete darkness and privacy, you can simply lower the secondary shade into place. One headrail, two shades. It’s a game-changer.
sheer shades that tilt up and down with the halo feature in Reno area home

Halo Feature

It’s an all-new innovation to enhance the light control in your home. Traditional vanes rest in the floating position to show off the view while filtered light enters. Then, they tilt downward to direct light towards the floor. With the Halo feature, you can tilt the vanes upward, directing light towards the ceiling, also. This illuminates the entire space with that same soft lighting.
Silhouette sheer shades on large windows overlooking Reno NV

Dynamic View

What kind of view would you like? Soft and hazy–or detailed and crisp? Everyone’s view outside their home is different. The original sheer fabric for Hunter Douglas Silhouettes provides a beautiful, soft view-through with glowing light. With a new type of sheer fabric, the ClearView option is born. A black sheer fabric sharpens the view, details on display while the entering light is diffused for a gentle atmosphere.
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Silhouette® Window Shadings