Large Windows

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Window Treatments for Large Windows

A Beautiful Backdrop, Ample Natural Light. What’s not to love about large windows? A lot, actually. Often plagued with issues, floor to ceiling windows need the right window treatments to avoid your constant frustration.

  • Beautiful views without glare
  • Soft natural light
  • UV protection
  • Temperature control

With floor to ceiling blinds, shades, drapes or shutters, you’ll set the ideal lighting, enjoy your privacy, protect your furnishings, control the temperature–and so much more! Not only will they add solutions, they’ll add a gorgeous layer of style. Our window covering specialists will guide you to window treatments for large windows that protect your space while bringing out the best atmosphere and style in your Reno area home!

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Discover Window Treatments for Large Windows

The scenic views and natural light we have here in the Reno area are too good to cover up. But, floor to ceiling windows can dampen the interior atmosphere of your home with too much light, glare and heat. We can help you create the ideal balance with window treatments for large windows that will meet all of your needs!

Let’s Talk Sizes

There’s no definitive size, but in general, you can consider large windows to be any glass area that is wider than 48″ or taller than 72″ in size. This includes picture windows, sliding doors, casement windows–and more! Many times, homeowners know they have large windows, and they’re just wondering what options they have. We recently offered general sizing information for window treatments that can fit some of the largest windows out there. We’d love to chat with you about your specific window sizes!

The Best Features?

When it comes to outfitting those floor to ceiling windows with blinds, shades, drapes or shutters, it’s not just about which window coverings you choose. Sometimes, the features are what really deliver the best experience. Letting light in while protecting the privacy and temperature control is an amazing way to balance your home, and top down shades offer exactly that! Because of the temperature changes we go through here in Nevada, energy savings is often on homeowners’ minds. We have some incredible energy efficient window coverings that can also cover your large windows! And, saving the best for last, smart shades have completely changed the way our clients are enjoying their homes. No more manual adjustments, or forgetting to close the shades before you leave for the day. Your Reno area home can always feature the right light and comfortable temperatures with scheduled adjustments. Sit back while your home automation takes care of everything.

A Variety of Sizes

You might have questions about outfitting various size windows throughout your home. This is common, especially when a combination of window sizes are found in the same shared space, like when you have an open floor plan home. Coordination is key. We won’t have you focus on matching everything–it’s better to create the best experience for each individual window. Instead, we will guide you to the best features and fabrics that will create a beautiful flow of style and function throughout the space.