Large windows

Large Windows

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    Silhouette® Window Shades

Floor to Ceiling Blinds & Shades

A beautiful backdrop, ample natural light–what’s not to love about large windows? A lot, actually. Often plagued with issues, floor to ceiling windows need the right window treatments to avoid your constant frustration.

  • Beautiful views without glare
  • Soft natural light
  • UV protection
  • Temperature control

With floor to ceiling blinds, shades and shutters, you’ll set the ideal lighting, enjoy your privacy, protect your furnishings, control the temperature–and so much more! Not only will they add solutions, they’ll add a gorgeous layer of style. Discover more inspiration.

What’s Important: Covering Large Windows

Large windows in a home definitely bring some huge benefits with them. The natural light is unmatched, the view through them is spectacular, and they make for beautiful art on the walls. If you have any throughout your home, you know that along with their benefits, they can bring up a few challenges. That’s why covering large windows in the correct way is key!

Covering Tricky Windows

Tricky windows? Every home has at least one… or maybe even multiple. Let us explain. Windows that are difficult to reach, have a special shape or require a unique operating system to function are considered tricky windows. No matter how tricky, windows need coverage and we have the best solutions possible…even for the trickiest!

Tips for Balanced Light

Do your windows face different directions in your home? Achieving balanced light in your spaces is related to each room’s sunlight exposure. Depending upon the time of day, a perfectly sunlit room can change from a desirable location in the morning to an unusable space by mid-afternoon. Creating the ideal atmosphere in your home is easy with the right window covering solutions.

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