• close up of a textured woven shade made from bamboo grasses

Provenance® Woven Wood Shades

crafted in cumberland MD

  • Natural fibers of grasses, reeds, wood & bamboo
  • Filtered light enhances the atmosphere
  • Optional liner increases light control
  • Add energy efficiency with dual honeycomb shade

Natural elements create a peaceful atmosphere. Capture the soothing, calm of nature’s beauty in the woven materials of grasses, wood, reeds and bamboo at the window. Our Provenance Woven Wood shades are made of materials found in the natural world, offering earthy, organic textures and gorgeous color schemes. Customize the look and feel of your home with features like top down bottom up, motorization and room darkening.

The latest feature offers you the benefit of dual shades that also brings energy efficiency to this product collection. Find out more with one of our recent articles!

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woven organic shade with backing for extra light control in Reno, NV

Optional Liner

When you think of woven shades, you probably can imagine the light filtering into your home, among the gentle woven materials. But, that’s not always the atmosphere you want. Depending on the room, and the way you use the space, a liner could be the ideal addition to these shades, blocking the dappled light in exchange for a more consistent glow.

close up detail of woven fabric for custom window treatments

Variety of Materials

A variety of organic materials come together to create the woven wood shades collection of “fabrics.” From the structured look of bamboo, wood and reeds, to the more flexible offering of grasses, each shade is custom made. Throughout the collections, you’ll browse colors and textures to enhance the design of your home.

sideview of woven shade with a honeycomb dual shade behind Reno, NV

Optional Honeycomb Dual Shade

An incredible innovation–woven woods can now bring energy efficiency to your home. The front shade continues to be the beautifully woven look you love, while a second shade is added, as a dual shade, to the back. This secondary shade drops into place when needed to block light and heat with honeycomb structure.