Energy efficient

Energy Efficient

Need to Escape the Heat?

Discover Energy Saving Window Treatments.

  • Prevent up to 40% energy loss at the window
  • Cellular shades trap air at the window
  • Fabrics create a barrier of protection
  • Shutters frame the window

The exhausting heat we experience, here in the Reno area, probably has you searching for ways to increase energy saving around your home. What about your windows? Research has shown that up to 40% energy loss happens at the window. With insulating window treatments, you’ll not only save on your energy bills, but you’ll gain tremendous comfort. From the award winning energy efficient, cellular design of Duette honeycomb shades, to layered fabrics of roman shades, or the sophisticated framing of plantation shutters, saving energy–and being comfortable–never looked so good! Enjoy these benefits with our stunning Woven Wood Collection as well.

The Best Window Treatments for Energy Efficiency?

We’re glad you asked! Let’s take a look at the way the window coverings work to help keep your home from losing energy…

Honeycomb Shades AKA Cellular Shades

You’ll see these window shades called by both names: Honeycomb & Cellular. It’s that cellular structure that protects the interior of your home. The honeycomb design allows a barrier of fabric as the frontline of protection from the exterior temperature moving against the glass of your home. The pocket of air inside the cell is trapped air, also insulated against the air moving around inside your home. Cold air and warm air will result as energy loss. Without the air being able to mix and mingle, you have a better chance of maintaining comfort year-round. We carry three collections of cellular shades: Duette Honeycomb Shades, Applause Honeycomb Shades and Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades.

Roman Shades & Draperies

Many fabrics used to create roman shades and draperies are quite capable of adding layers of protection against the exterior temperatures. Not only do they insulate–keeping exterior air from influencing interior temps, but they block the light. Keeping direct sunlight from entering is a powerful way to prevent energy loss. If you have pets, you’ll understand the meaning of “hot spots” within your home. These are areas where direct sunlight enters through glass, hitting a surface–commonly the floor, and heating up the space to sauna-like temps. Pets like to find these spots to nap in, basking in the warmth. The problem is that once a hot spot has been created, it can be very difficult to decrease the temperature inside your home, as the warmth is trapped and spreads. Any fabric shades that block out light can help decrease this problem.

Plantation Shutters

Another option to improve your home’s efficiency is with plantation shutters. As described above, even when shutter louvers are open, there is a separation between the interior and exterior air coming into contact against the glass. In addition, you can prevent hot spots from being created simply by directing louvers toward the ceiling, or just closing them altogether.

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