• door window coverings on french patio door in rustic cityscape

Cadence® Soft Fabric Vertical Blinds

crafted in cumberland MD

  • Perfect for Sliding Doors & Large Windows
  • Fabrics Curve Like Draperies
  • Sound Absorption

Folds of drapery are mimicked in our Cadence Soft Fabric Vertical Blinds. With an elegant appearance and dynamic function, these are the ideal vertical window treatments for large windows and sliding doors. Choose from a wide selection of fabrics to create the right atmosphere, from room darkening to light filtering. Let the experts of Blue Sky demonstrate how vertical blinds offer specialized features, such as sound absorption and a headrail that reduces the light gap while operating with smooth movement.

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The Details of Cadence Fabric Vertical Blinds

It’s the tradition of vertical blinds, but with a beautiful shape! The curved vanes or slats of the Cadence collection allows them to resemble draperies at the window. A dynamic option for covering sliding doors and large windows, these fabric vertical blinds provide a stunning backdrop for your home. Discover the details…

  • More Than 40 Color/Material Selections
  • Fabric or Vinyl Options
  • Coverage for Up to 15 Feet
  • Smooth, Silent Operation
  • Curved Vanes Resemble Drapery Folds
  • Room Darkening Available
  • Sound Absorption Benefits
  • Light Control, Privacy and UV Protection
  • 3.65″ Slats
  • Stacking Options: Right, Left, Center or Split
  • Child Safe Wand Operation

This collection of Vinyl and Fabric Vertical Blinds is unique. With the look of draperies, your home enjoys softness at the windows. But, they operate and adjust with a smooth, gliding movement. It’s an ideal choice for sliding doors and large windows due to the consistent look and ease of control. Your highest traffic areas deserve the convenient function of vertical blinds.