Specialty Shapes

Specialty Shapes

Arched & Angled Windows

Do you have windows with specialty shapes in your home? Custom window treatments will…

  • Enhance the design
  • Offer a tailored fit
  • Coordinate with other elements 

There can be hesitation when it comes to coverings arched & angled windows in your home. Some homeowners are afraid that coverings will ruin the unique design; others simply don’t know what’s possible. That’s what we are here for! We’ll help you discover your favorites, from style to solutions. We’ve got great ideas and inspiration for you. Learn more.

More to Know about Specialty Shapes

Enhancing the character and charm of your house is an important part of making it your home. With unique windows of specialty shapes, you’ll want to maintain the look, yet resolve any frustrating window issues you could be facing. Because custom window treatments are made to fit, this tailored look will cover the glass, but show off the architecture.

What are some considerations?

Which should you choose: Adjustable or Stationary? 

Specialty shapes can use coverings that adjust or do not. When covering arched and angled windows, it’s important to define which solutions you are trying to reach, so that you can also make a decision about adjustment. With adjustment, you can customize the lighting and privacy. When coverings remain in place, you’ll achieve light control and privacy, but as a constant. Consider the size of the window, directional location and entering light.

Your window issues can be unique.

Because the direction of your home, the amount of windows, light and location of windows can all be unique to your home, the solutions you need might be different than your neighbors. But, that’s what’s best about customizing the selections. Homeowners also make decisions based on the function of the particular room.

How much of the window should be covered?

It’s a personal choice, and when it comes to specialty shapes, it’s important to decide. Some clients enjoy showing off the top curve of their arched windows, letting light enter across the ceiling. Some prefer to cover it completely–showing off the window framing for an architectural design statement. Regardless of your choice, intentionally styling your arched and angled windows will enhance the look of your home.

Do you have a favorite window treatment?

If you already have a favorite style, don’t fret if we don’t have it listed as being available with specialty shapes. This will be a custom experience from beginning to end. What we can do is show you how we will work in your favorites–from the fabric and features, to the finished look. And, it’s always a good idea to consider cross categories of window coverings. By using coordinating colors and fabrics, even different types of window treatments will flow together in the same shared room space.