Uniquely-Shaped Windows Meet Custom Solutions

Uniquely-shaped windows are the gorgeous features that can sell you on a home. They can also be the thing that makes you wish you didn’t have to find solutions to cover them. We covered Tricky Windows to give you ideas and inspiration for those special windows that you love and we’re here to offer solutions that work.

Your Must-Haves List

When you’re combing through all the treatment options for uniquely-shaped windows here are some things to keep at the forefront of your decision making.

    • What direction are the windows facing toward?
    • Is it important for the full shape to be covered or do you want partial coverage?
    • Do you want them to be adjustable or should they stay in place?
    • How does the style of the covering fit the design of your home?
    • Which “solutions” are the right fit for your home?
white uniquely shaped angled shutters in childs playroom in Denver CO
NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters

First Impressions

We’ve been there before. You fall in love with a home that has a fantastic custom exterior with beautiful uniquely-shaped windows that you’re obsessed with. Then you move in and you need to discover a solution that provides necessary privacy, protection from the harmful UV rays that can heat things up quickly, and find a stylish addition to your space all at the same time. Using window coverings designed to meet those challenges while not compromising on style can take the headache out of any project no matter how large.

Entryway inspiration and shades in foyer + windows with specialty shapes
Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Plays Well with Others

When you have multiple windows in shared spaces there is no end for all the ways that blinds, shades, shutters, and draperies can coordinate together. With so many options we like to focus on sustainable solutions that fit your home and instead of “matching” window treatments it’s best to find a balanced cohesive look that will leave your friends thinking that you are a design guru.

coastal living room area with blue floor to ceiling ripple fold drapery and designer screen shades
Design Studio® Draperies & Roller Shades

Full to Medium Coverage?

Sometimes you need those uniquely-shaped windows covered up completely in cases like the bathroom or the bedroom for privacy and light control, but in some instances it really is up to your personal preference and design aesthetic. Maybe you want to leave that arched window in your home office partially exposed for year-round sunlight benefits or the angled window in the living room covered for movie-night room darkening. It’s all up to you.

contemporary coastal living room with large arched windows roman shades and designer drapery in neutral tones
Design Studio® Roman Shades

Adjusting Your Treatments

With a lot of window treatments to choose from the ability to move them will come down to whichever solution you go with. However, it’s no secret that uniquely shaped windows are some of the most difficult to adjust. Because the majority of them are found at ceiling height it’s often challenging or impossible to reach the windows to adjust the treatment without help. That’s why so many people with these window types use smart shades. With the click of a button, a tap from your iPhone or a voice command your space goes from night to day, hot to cool as the shades adjust to your desired direction.

arched windows with gray roman shades in Denver, CO living room
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Your Uniquely-Shaped Windows

Don’t let uniquely-shaped windows hold you back from embracing the style and character of your home with the perfect window treatments. We have ideas and inspiration from years of working with arches, angles, bows, and bay window windows that can take your home and give it the stylish solutions it deserves. Get in touch with our team at Blue Sky Shutters and Shades for your FREE consultation.