Preparing for Holiday Gatherings around the Home

The past year–or close to two–has definitely changed how we gathered and came together during the holiday season. This year, we’re hoping everyone is able to resume their holiday gatherings just like normal. No matter what your “normal” for coming together this time of year looks like, we have tips, tricks, and inspiration for you today.


A Conversation Center

Oftentimes, holiday gatherings bring together family and friends, even those who you may not see all year long. Having a seating area that allows for comfortable conversation between your guests is a key way you can help them feel welcome and free to catch up.

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Creating a small seating area allows for more personal conversing away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd in the other room.


A Glimpse at New Traditions

Do you find yourself always hosting a huge meal with the entire extended family? While that can be a great way to gather this winter, there’s nothing wrong with starting new traditions as well!

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If there’s one thing last year was good for, it was getting us used to smaller groups and holiday gatherings. If you’re looking to host a bit more of an intimate gathering this season, or even just something different than a large meal, we’ve come up with a few ideas that will switch things up but still include those you love.

A Tasty Brunch: Send a quick invite to some family and friends and let them know you’re hosting a brunch. After all, who doesn’t love brunch food?

Open House Style: This is a busy season for everyone, so hosting in this way allows your guests the freedom to pop in at the best time for them.

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Split the Responsibilities: Sharing the load of holiday gatherings is another great way to switch things up this season. If another family member or friend will cohost with you, you get to split the prep work, cooking, and cleaning!

Use a Different Space: If you have the outdoor space for it, and weather permits, try taking your next holiday party to the next level by stepping outside.

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Set the Tone with the Atmosphere

Creating a cozy, welcoming atmosphere helps to invite guests in and set the tone for the rest of the day. Making a few simple switches around your home can help it to feel like an oasis perfect for the whole family.

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When it comes to setting the tone, lighting plays a huge role! Implementing the best window treatments for your space will help with light control, temperature regulation, and reducing glare. This allows for everyone to comfortably sit around the dining table with no pesky light pestering them the entire time. For even more ease, consider smart shades so you can simply adjust them whenever you need to throughout the party.


Is Your Home Ready for Holiday Gatherings?

Whether it’s been a few years since you’ve hosted, this is your first time, or you’re a seasoned host it’s important to have your home be inviting to all those who step foot in your door this season. Holiday gatherings are just around the corner and our team here at Blue Sky Shutters and Shades is eager to help you prepare! Contact us today for your FREE consultation.