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Pirouette® Window Shadings

crafted in broomfield CO
Exclusive to Hunter Douglas, Pirouette Shades set a striking backdrop. Solid fabric vanes close completely to showcase the look of flat front roman shades.

  • Vanes fold in place to “open” the view
  • Sheer fabrics create landscape views & soft light
  • Closed vanes resemble roman shades
  • Shades roll up & disappear
  • Great for floor-to-ceiling windows

As you adjust these window shades open, the solid fabrics fold individually in place, revealing the sheer backing. Natural light is filtered through for beautiful ambiance. Pirouette shades roll up and away, into the headrail at the top of your window. Capable of motorization and room darkening, they are a great fit for large windows and doors.

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Exclusive Vanes

The fabric vanes of Pirouette shades appear to mimic the look of roman shades when closed, lying flat near the window. But, when adjusted “open,” those fabric vanes fold in place, offering a stunning view of the outdoors, through a backing of sheer fabrics. The sheers not only invite a beautiful view, but they invite softened natural light into the home.

The Magic of Sheers

Two types of sheer fabrics are available as the backing of Pirouette shades. The first is a traditional version of sheers, a softened, hazy view of the landscape. The other is called Clearview. This option sharpens the view of the exterior, enhancing the view for a crisp appearance, through black sheer fabrics. Both options invite diffused natural light into the space.

Versatile Positioning

When closed, these window shades block the view and the light, available in room darkening if needed. Adjusted open, the vanes reveal a stunning backdrop and diffused natural light. But, for a final option, they can roll up, adding partial coverage to their list of options. Finally, they can roll all the way up into the headrail to unveil the entire window.

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Pirouette® Window Shadings