Cover Your Corner Windows: What To Know

Are you familiar with one of the most challenging window types to dress? If you guessed corner windows, you’re absolutely right! These windows pose a unique challenge due to the abundance of natural light coming in from various angles. Figuring out the most suitable window coverings and their installation methods can be challenging. Thankfully, we are here to provide some essential information on this matter!

Trust the Experts 

Recently, an increasing number of homeowners may feel inclined to tackle numerous home projects themselves. Nevertheless, there are instances where seeking professional assistance is highly advisable. Rather than investing significant amounts of time, money, and energy into a project, it is worth considering the option of calling in experts to avoid potentially costly mistakes.

floor to ceiling black trim windows in a living room overlooking a pool area.

We acknowledge the challenges involved in covering corner windows. However, the great news is that we specialize in handling such situations regularly! Our team of experts is well-equipped to provide guidance regarding the most suitable products and measurements for your corner windows. By doing so, we ensure that everything aligns perfectly and is installed with utmost precision! 

Measurements Matter

When it comes to corner windows, the available space is often limited, requiring careful consideration of measurements. Accurate measurements play a crucial role in ensuring a seamless fit. The dimensions of your space will dictate the type of coverings that work and fit best for your corner windows. 

Alustra® Architectural Shades on floor to ceiling windows in a living area.
Alustra® Architectural Shades

The framing of the window itself can provide guidance on how window shades should be positioned to either conceal or accentuate the framing.

Alustra® Woven Textures® in a modern living room
Alustra® Woven Textures®


Adjustments Made Easy

In our search for convenience, we often seek ways to simplify tasks. Whether it’s covering any type of window, the ultimate goal is to make adjustments easy. When it comes to corner windows, achieving seamless adjustments can be particularly challenging. That’s why it’s vital to consider their close-fitting nature while making any necessary adjustments. By doing so, you ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Silhouette® Windows Shades in a bedroom
Silhouette® Windows Shades

An excellent solution for this is the use of automated window shades, which have gained immense popularity for their convenience in making adjustments. These automated shades offer an easy way to safeguard your window coverings from the regular wear and tear they may encounter.

Inside or Outside Mount?

When determining the best mounting approach for your corner windows, it is crucial to consider the window depth and the materials present in the installation area. Depending on the type of window coverings you choose, an inside mount may be feasible. However, if the window has a shallow depth, an outside mount can create a visually striking effect, appearing as if it is intentionally integrated into the house’s design.

Alustra® Architectural Shades it a kitchen table
Alustra® Architectural Shades

Another compelling option is to combine both approaches. By employing an inside mount on one side, including the headrail, while allowing the headrail to be positioned above the window on the other side, you can achieve a unique and appealing aesthetic.

Cover Those Corner Windows 

There’s no better moment than now to address your corner windows and give them the perfect coverings. Our team of experts is eagerly available to offer valuable advice, creative ideas, and inspiration that will flawlessly complement your home. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to schedule a complimentary consultation and take the first step toward transforming your corner windows.