Top 5 Interior Design Styles To Love

We like to keep up to date on what’s trending in interior design. Do you too? If yes, take a look with us at these beautiful interior design styles we’re currently obsessed with.


This style brings elements of the ocean inside. We know, it’s a bit of a distance to get to salt water from Nevada. But it’s great to surround yourself with a calming vibe and elements you miss and can’t wait to see soon. As long as they bring you happiness from nautical-themed decor, to the harmonious water hues like blues and white, they are perfect!

Natural materials are crucial to inspire a relaxing coastal atmosphere. Try driftwood, grass, or sand. When it comes to furniture, make it traditional, comfortable, and plush. Up the flair with some linen fabrics and woven blanket to capture that light and airy feeling of seaside comfort.

Mid-Century Modern

Old is the new…NEW. Mid-Century is making a comeback, and we are embracing it. Wood grain finish, ceiling design elements, and unique shapes in every design aspect of the space is becoming very sought-after.

This kind of design has vibrant pops of color mainly focusing around the hues of mustard, pink, and chartreuse. Geometric patterns are a great way to incorporate some fun personality in the wallpaper, rugs, and fabrics. Low profile furnishing with angles give the Mid-Century its signature style.

Wabi Sabi

This is a Japanese phrase translating to less is more (Wabi) and attentive melancholy (Sabi). It means to show the importance and beauty of nature and its imperfections. It possesses a monochromatic color scheme with texture and design elements.

Wood and stone bring an organic feel that creates sophisticated but natural styling. It shows appreciation for comfort with class. Most interior design styles emit glamor and can be “showy.” But, Wabi Sabi is humble and authentic.

Modern Farmhouse

The Farmhouse style, combined with contemporary finishings, created one of the most popular interior design styles. This is well-loved by many homeowners because of its highly accessible and ease of decorating. The color schemes of white, griege, beige, and gray mesh well together and create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Board and batten to shiplap wall treatments are a signature look of Modern Farmhouse. The soft color palette generally makes spaces appear larger. Rustic and distressed woods and metals are a common decor enhancement.


Introducing a marriage of two styles: Japanese interior simplicity + Scandinavian functionality. Both have a heavy focus on minimalism.

The color scheme is zen with crisp. Think whites, greens, and blues. There is also a stress on clean and practical surfaces for all furnishings.

Window Treatments + Favorite Interior Design Styles

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