Is Helping Kids Sleep Better Possible?

Among parents, one question that frequently takes the spotlight is: How can I help my kids sleep better? Let’s face it, the battle is no illusion. It’s not just a matter of heavy eyelids and weary faces – the aftermath of insufficient sleep ripples through their mood, well-being, and even their self-command. As if that weren’t enough, the chaos can infiltrate the very core of the household, as worn-out parents struggle to stay afloat on a sea of inadequate rest. Brace yourself, because we’re about to unveil some ideas for you to mull over while navigating this challenging time…

Utilizing the 5 Senses 

Although this appears simple enough, delving into the realm of helping your kids sleep better requires using all five senses. Imagine these senses as your culinary compass, guiding you to concoct a masterful sleep potion.


It initiates the journey, and it’s ideal for crafting the perfect sleep ambiance. Now, you might wonder, what’s smell got to do with it? Well, intriguingly enough, research hints at certain aromas that can create a relaxing vibe that leads to better sleep – think lavender or rose fragrances. Fresh blooms, aroma diffusers, silky lotions, or fragrant bath salts; these scents are excellent to add to the mix. 

A white vase of peach colored roses sit on a white dresser with white Alustra® Woven Textures® shades
Alustra® Woven Textures®


We all know that “white noise” has the ability to envelop us entirely in soothing sound that blocks out all distractions. This can easily be achieved with a fan or a white noise machine. Did you know that fabrics at the window can reduce noise? This makes the bedroom a tranquil space. We recommend looking at drapery and types of window treatments that absorb sound better than others. A great option is honeycomb shades.

nursery with childproof shades in Incline Village NV
Pirouette® window shades with PowerView® Automation


Each parent understands the likes and dislikes of their child best. It is crucial to keep in mind how food has the ability to interfere with or improve sleep. Consuming particular foods close to bedtime can potentially interrupt a night of restful sleep while other bedtime snacks can help kids sleep better and longer. 

Applause® Honeycomb Shades in a dark child's bedroom. There is a twin bed against the wall on the right with two windows on the left and back wall with a peek of sunlight coming through.
Applause® Honeycomb Shades


It is clear that bright light tends to interfere with good sleep. Kids have a tendency to wake up at the smallest light. Once they’re awake, everyone in the house is awake. Many children struggle to fall back to sleep once they are awake in the morning or in the middle of the night. That is why protecting the light in bedrooms is a high priority. Light can infiltrate through the gaps of the shades. Depending on the direction of the windows, it can really illuminate a room. There are some parents who choose to add draperies that can block out the “halo” of light. Other parents choose the LightLock feature to seal out the light. 

room darkening shades in window seat reading nook
Duette® LightLock™ Honeycomb Shades



Having comfortable materials in a bedroom plays a large role in helping kids sleep better. Sometimes, you’ll need these items to stay cool. Other times, it means using these materials to keep them warm and cozy. Generally, you should aim to keep bedroom temperatures less than 75º. A great way to ensure that you are maintaining a comfortable temperature in this space is to utilize room-darkening shades and curtains. By blocking out the warm afternoon sun or the cool winter air, you will be creating a consistent atmosphere that will help your kids sleep better. 

Provenance® Woven Woods in a bright kids bedroom. To the left are white bunk beds with pink bedspreads. The walls are cool blue with a sold wall and floral blue wallpaper on the other.
Provenance® Woven Woods


Want Your Kids to Sleep Better? 

At Blue Sky Shutters & Shades, we have heard from families that our room darkening shades are the way to go. They are finding that their kids sleep better and life improves for everyone in the house! Our team is here and ready to help you create the perfect atmosphere in your bedrooms. Contact us today to schedule a FREE in-home consultation.