Creating Nighttime Privacy

While the nights are continually growing longer, you probably realize that you’re turning on the lights in your home earlier and earlier. As your home is glowing, it is on display for all those to see from the outside. If you’re on the hunt for better nighttime privacy, we’ve got tips on the best window coverings to make your home truly private!

Lights and Privacy

In the world of window coverings, top down bottom up shades strike a perfect balance between privacy and natural light. It’s the magical touch that lets you revel in the view and brightness while easily blanketing your space with a touch of privacy.

Top down shades let in natural light while also blocking the view into your home
Provenance® Woven Woods

Double the Shades. Double the Fun.

For those who believe in the mantra “two is better than one,” the dual shades feature is one to know. Picture this: Soft light comes through during the day to make your space glow. As the sun sets, effortlessly lower the secondary shade to protect your home from the outside world. It’s the dynamic duo of style and privacy!

room darkening shades chair with lamp turned on pointed at it
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades


Smart Shades for Smart Spaces

In the era of smart homes, even window coverings are getting a tech-savvy makeover. Smart shades are great for convenience. Program them to adjust with a simple tap or a single voice command. Worried your family time is under the spotlight? With a swift command, your room quickly has the nighttime privacy you desire. 

A family sitting in a dark living room on a sectional. They are watching a tv and laughing with the blinds lowered for privacy
Pirouette® Window Shades

Unlocking the Perfect Amount of Nighttime Privacy 

While any window covering can shield your home life from others, it’s the features that help create the perfect balance. Schedule a FREE consultation today with our team at Blue Sky Shutters & Shades. We are ready to help you find the right window treatments for your home.