Refine Your Living Room Design

The living room is often referred to as the heart of the home. It serves multiple purposes. It’s the central gathering space for friends when they come over, where you relax after a long day and the place you spend time with family. Therefore, creating the perfect atmosphere that effortlessly blends comfort and style is crucial. We have tips to inspire your living room design while remaining a functional space.


The first tip we have revolves around furniture. If you are gearing up to purchase new furniture, a tape measure will be your best friend during the process. Look at your living room, picture how you would like things laid out, and then use a tape measure to know what you’re looking for prior to shopping fully. Now, a couch tends to be the largest piece of furniture in a living room. It’s important to ensure that it’s proportionate with your space. You may realize that you still have room to spare after purchasing a couch. If so, consider adding in a couple more chairs. This is a great way to create conversation areas or add seating for more individuals when they visit. 

Provenance® Woven Woods in a bright living room
Provenance® Woven Woods


Area Rugs 

Do you feel like your room is missing something? Well, area rugs are a great way for your living room design to come together. A tip regarding area rugs is to select a rug size that all furniture can rest on, even if it is just the front section of each piece. Going too small with your rug and your room will start to feel small as well. As you search for the best area rug, we recommend straying away from woven rugs if you have a family home, or intend to sit on the floor for games. Instead, opt for something more plush. Not only will this be more conducive for your everyday life, but it is equally as beautiful as a woven rug. 

silhouette shades as motorized blinds in Reno NV living room
Silhouette® Shades



Since your living room is used by everyone in your home, there should be a range of lighting that can adjust depending on the purpose. The best news is that you can have different lighting based on different areas of your living room. If you want to invite vibrant light into the dark areas of your home, incorporate recessed lighting. You could want something more functional like a ceiling fan that also has lights attached. If you find that soft lighting is more your speed, add in some table or floor lamps. Lastly, sconces are perfect if you are looking to illuminate any pieces of artwork that hang on your walls. 

tricky arched window with honeycomb shades in Reno NV living room
Applause® Honeycomb Shades


Window Treatments 

Our final tip on refining your living room design is window treatments. There are a variety of features you need to consider when picking the best coverings to meet your wants and needs. If you’re looking to add height to your living room, opt for draperies. They also frame the outdoors making the view stand out more. Layering draperies with other shades is a phenomenal way to make your space feel cozier and more stylish. 

natural colored fabric drapery by seema krish on window overlooking the ocean
Custom Draperies & Fabric Roman Shades

Identifying the window covering solutions that would work best for your living room design is crucial. If you have windows in your home that receive direct sunlight, the lighting you would want in that space is different than what you would need in a space that is only getting indirect light. 

eclectic modern living room with energy efficient capability and UV protection
Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Your living room has multiple purposes. One of these may be a media room! If you find yourself settling down at the end of the day, consider dual shades. They filter light with a view. When you’re ready to start the movie, bring the room darkening shade into position, and enjoy the movie.

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