Color of the Year 2024: Introducing Peach Fuzz

The long-awaited moment is here. The Pantone Color Institute has announced the color of the year 2024–peach fuzz! The soft hue represents peacefulness, comfort, and warmth. This color is seen in fashion, graphic design, beauty products, interior design, and more. Get ready as we delve into the world of this subtle color as we showcase photos of how this great color can be incorporated into your home! 

An Inspirational Color

With the announcement of the color of the year, comes a wave of emotions. This year is no different! Explore the different social media platforms and you’ll find the latest comments from those who are eager to share their thoughts. Let’s take a moment to see how this color came to be. 

Peach fuzz is a warm and heartfelt peach tone that promotes a sense of kindness and tenderness. In this day and age where it seems like turmoil is present, this color conveys a message of care, sharing, and the spirit of collaboration and community. It also reflects our desire to connect with others, whether in moments of togetherness or in appreciating a quiet sanctuary, fostering a warm and inviting atmosphere. Now, are you intrigued to see this color in home decor, let’s jump right in!

Incorporating New Lighting

First on our list is how this peach fuzz can be incorporated into lighting. Look at the impact of these copper globes casting a warm glow. Not only is it stylish, refreshing, and a perfect match for chairs and wall color but it effortlessly contrasts with the existing neutral tones. Who knew a color could elevate your space to such a new level?

Peach fuzz found in the subtle color of an accent wall, light fixtures, tablecloths and chairs all in a classic, yet modern home.

Improving Your Cabinetry

Journey back to the 1950s, when peach-adorned kitchen cabinets dominated homes. Believe it or not, this color has made its way back around and is a stylish addition to any kitchen. Marry the color of the year 2024 with an elegant marble backsplash and modern barstools to achieve a kitchen that seamlessly blends past and present. Prepare for admiration as friends and family appreciate the timelessness of your space.

a modern kitchen with black stools, peach fuzz cabinetry and a marble that is white with peach accents

The Ever-Evolving Pairing of Colors

Home decor color pairings are in a constant state of evolution. Witness the magic as traditional black, white, and red combinations make room for a subtle transformation—peach replaces red and creates a softer palette in this bathroom. Now, you have a stunning bathroom that shows how even a vibrant trio of colors can shift and still have the same impact on a space. 

A traditional bathroom with black and white subway tiles in the bathtub, peach wall colors, a round mirror above a black vanity with white countertop

Upgrading Your Walls 

Peach fuzz is here to stay so why not use it in paint? This ombre wall does not necessarily showcase the peach fuzz shade on its own. Instead, the hue lies within the gradient on the wall. This easily transforms a neutral bedroom into a sophisticated space. 

An attic room with neutral slanting walls and white floors. Above the bed is an ombre wall that goes from dark peach to white

Remembering Your Windows

The Color of the Year 2024 proves its versatility and is an excellent choice for window treatments. The gentle peach color evokes tranquility and seamlessly merges a modern look with a touch of color. It graces your room with a subtle presence that enhances the look, rather than overshadows. 

Applause® Honeycomb Shades in a big living room with exposed wooden beams, a white couch, two modern chairs and square coffee table in the middle. It is all neutral colors except the peach colored cellular shades.
Applause® Honeycomb Shades

Integrating the Color of the Year 2024

Peach Fuzz has ignited emotions far and wide. How does this color resonate with you? Do you find yourself eager to add color through window treatments, textures, or patterns? Our team at Blue Sky Shutters and Shades is here to help you answer these questions. Contact us today for a FREE consultation—let us bring this soft color to your home.