Discover Ways to a More Organized Home

If your goal this year is to reduce stress and gain clarity, a more organized home can help. Here are 5 general rules that have been proven to keep you organized and on top of it all. This year, implement new habits and achieve a tranquil, more organized home-one that you can enjoy. Here’s how.

An Organized Home: 5 Easy Steps


# 2 Expired or broken? Toss it, guilt free. And, donate unwanted items in good condition.

# 3 Sort items into groups–include a group for things that need to be relocated to the right area. 

#4 Use baskets or containers to organize items, then add them back in a more compact fashion.

#5 Tackle ONE closet, ONE room, ONE area at a time.

Now, let’s put these steps into action in an unorganized space in your home. 

First, Closets

Embarrassed to open the closet door? You’re not alone. Closets are usually filled to the brim with everything under the sink except for what you’re looking for. Let’s change that. First, empty the closet completely and begin sorting. Put like items together and decide what makes sense for that closet location. You don’t need the vacuum in the coat closet, do you? Now choose a method to organize the necessary items; coat hooks, baskets and bins will keep it all tidy. 

Take back the Entryway

By “entryway”, we mean the Grand Central Station of your home. You know that door. The one where kids, dogs and groceries all come through at once. This “drop-zone” of sorts can be a chaotic place, but we can change that. Use the 5 steps as a roadmap and take this space back. Reduce the stress and achieve a more organized home.

This year let’s implement the “a place for everything, everything has its place” mantra. Equip your busy entryway with hooks for coats, bins for backpacks and shelves for shoes and boots. This entryway is the place for items you use daily, nothing else. Removing things that do not belong here will free up a ton of space, trust us. 

The Kids’ Toy Room

There is no secret method to a tidy toy room, it’s just something you have to live through when you have children. It won’t last forever.  If you find yourself frustrated over picking up the same toys over and over we have one more rule that can help all the parents out there. It’s the Toss it, Donate it or Hide it method. Get rid of that annoying toy set with all those little pieces for a while, give everyone a break from it. When it returns you’ll be a hero in your kids’ eyes! 

Keep Up with your Organized Home

These 5 ideas sound simple enough right? The real challenge is having the energy to keep up with your organized home for the long term. Your home atmosphere will have a lot to do with it. If your space feels dark and dreary, it’s difficult to stay motivated. So let the sunshine in! Replace your current window treatments with light filtering shades that will brighten up the house and give you positive vibes. This may sound silly, but the way you feel has a lot to do with your productivity levels. Set yourself up for success. 

A white vase of peach colored roses sit on a white dresser with white Alustra® Woven Textures® shades
Alustra® Woven Textures®

We are experts in how window treatments can increase your energy and productivity. Our designers can evaluate your Denver home to see where improvements can be made. Whether it’s coverings to block harsh glare that’s draining you or shades to brighten up the house. We have you covered. Get in touch with us for your FREE consultation soon and put the finishing touch on your organized home.