Small Spaces. Big Impact.

Do you find yourself grappling with the challenge of decorating those small spaces in your home? After the initial uncertainty of how to decorate, the results can be stunning. Let’s delve into areas of your home that can truly amplify the sense of space and style while working with less.

Capitalize on the View

First of all, let’s talk about windows. They can infuse your small quarters with a sense of openness. Allowing natural light to shine through your windows not only brightens your interiors, but also creates the illusion of spaces being bigger than they are. Opting for sheer shades not only grants you control over light, but also highlights the scenic views outside of the window. If you want a break from light, you can draw these shades and have more privacy.

  • Selecting furniture pieces with a low-profile design is a great way to maximize space without overwhelming it. 
A modern living area with a low-profile couch that covers the entire length of one wall. The Silhouette Window Shades are covering windows that lead out to a backyard with a pool
Silhouette® Window Shades


Make the Rooms Smaller

Next, let’s explore the idea of creating smaller rooms within larger ones. While the notion may seem contradictory, it’s a clever strategy to establish areas within an open floor plan. This allows for more privacy that may not feel like it in an open-concept home. Consider Room dividers. You can get the isolation you want effortlessly. When you have friends or family over, you can easily open these back up to enjoy the open floor plan again. 

  • If you want fluidity in your space, creating designated areas in your open floor plans allows you to cherish your space! 
Skyline® Panel Track Blinds that divide a bedroom space from the rest of the living area.
Skyline® Panel Track Blinds


Utilize the Space Wisely

Optimization is the name of the game if you have small spaces in your home. It’s a balance between practicality and creativity. You may find yourself thinking outside the box to achieve the most efficient use of your home. If you enjoy entertaining, but only have room for a 4-top table, think about built-in seating. This increases the number of people who can have a seat and enjoy each other’s company. 

  • There’s so much power in the corners of your home. Take a look at them, and see what you can do to utilize them wisely. Make sure to keep an open mind!

dining area with corner windows with Architectural Roller Shades halfway lowered

Establish Multifunctional Rooms

Your living room can serve many purposes. It’s where friends and family come together and where you relax after a long day. It can be even more than that! You can transform it to double as a media room. All you need are the right window treatments. Incorporating blackout shades for a movie night will give this area an additional perk. 

  • Did you know that large-scale artwork can bring color, dimension, and charm to your small spaces? Opt for this rather than a collection of smaller frames, and see the look and feel of your space shift. 

Family room in Reno, Nevada light lock creates the feel good home

Carving Out a Corner

Repurpose those neglected corners to create an ideal office. If you have underutilized corners in your bedroom or living room that allow you to place the desk directly under the window, you’ll enjoy working with spectacular views. Plus, you’ll have plenty of natural light.  

  • In your small spaces, you can give the appearance of taller ceilings by adding drapery to shades. We recommend hanging them high above the window to achieve that tall ceiling look. 
Alustra® Woven Textures® in an office space
Alustra® Woven Textures®

Along with our team at Blue Sky Shutters & Shades, we invite you to start on a journey to transform your small spaces. Our window covering experts are ready to assist you in finding the perfect window treatments to complement your home. Whether you want the warmth of sunlight, or the cozy embrace of darkness during a movie night, we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation