Tips for Balanced Light

Do your windows face different directions in your home? Achieving balanced light in your spaces is related to each room’s sunlight exposure. Depending upon the time of day, a perfectly sunlit room can change from a desirable location in the morning to an unusable space by mid-afternoon. Creating the ideal atmosphere in your home is easy with the right window covering solutions.

Welcome the Morning Light – Eastern Exposure

As we all know, the sun rises in the East. Eastern exposure says good morning and welcomes us into the day. But what if your bedroom has East facing windows and you are not ready to start the day as early as the sun is beckoning? An ideal solution is a blackout or room darkening shade.

Banded roller shades on floor to ceiling windows for balanced light in Reno, NV
Designer Banded Shades

For East facing windows in other rooms, the best solution for balanced light may be light filtering shades which help diffuse the light from afternoon into the evening.

Intense Afternoons – Western Exposure

As the day draws to a close, sunlight entering your rooms from this direction may become intense. Not only are the sun’s rays bright –  creating annoying glare – but the heat can become unbearable. Such conditions can make enjoying your spaces difficult.

Large windows facing west with sheer window shades in Incline Village NV
Pirouette® Window Shades

Smart Shades are a customized solution that will adjust as the sunlight entering these West facing rooms changes throughout the day. You can easily match the settings to how your family uses these rooms to create an ideal atmosphere as the day unfolds. The shades will close on schedule to block out any glaring sunlight and reopen after the sun has set. All the benefits of balanced light without having the inconvenience of manually adjusting the shades several times each day.

Sunshine All Day – Southern Exposure

Southern exposure provides sunshine all day. In the mornings, we welcome the sunshine into our homes but as the day wears on the sun’s rays may become too intense. A popular window shade feature is the top down bottom up feature seen in the picture below. When the top is lowered, sunlight will stream across the ceiling to brighten your spaces while the heat and direct rays are kept under control.

South facing windows with top down shades in Incline Village NV
Provenance® Woven Woods

Too Much Glare – Northern Exposure

Northern exposures bring so much sunlight into a room without the direct rays heating up these spaces. But even this perfect sounding sunlight has a downside…glare! This glare can be blinding and constant which can create a less than ideal home environment.

North facing windows with sheer shades in Reno NV
Silhouette® Window Shades

Sheer window coverings are often the best solution for these spaces. These treatments allow plenty of light to enter the room but temper any harsh glare. The results are glowing light filled spaces that are protected from damaging UV rays.

Several Exposures in One Space?

Some rooms have windows on different walls creating a situation where a room has several exposures. What to do?  We have some solutions for these combination rooms as well.

Dual honeycomb shades on sliding doors for balanced light in Incline Village
Duette® Honeycomb Shades with Duolite®

Duals shades are two shades in one window covering. When the outer shade is lowered, the treatment acts as a blackout shade. When the outer shade is lifted, sunlight will filter into your space. This means that while some window treatments are filtering the light, other window treatments in the same room are blocking out the light entirely.

Creative Solutions to Balance Light!

Has this article sparked your interest in finding ways to balance light in your home? Controlling the sun’s rays is a key step to creating the ideal atmosphere for your spaces. Our specialists are here to discuss window covering options with you and to help you find your optimal solution.  Contact us for a FREE consultation.