The Best Window Treatments for Doors

It’s that time of year again–shining sun, rising temperatures, and days spent outdoors. But, while you might be spending your days with fresh air in the weeks to come, there’s something you may have noticed indoors. The doors in your home are bringing in too much light and glare, with too little privacy. It’s time you found the best window treatments for doors.

Luminette Privacy Sheers and side drapery panels on sliding door.

Finding the Right Fit

Your home is unique, and so are your doors. Glass sizes, door handles, the way they open, and the layout–all of these details vary from home to home. Because of this, your experience in finding the best window treatments for doors is going to be a custom one. But, don’t feel overwhelmed by that. We’re here to help you every step of the way! 

French doors and side window with Provenance Woven Woods.

Concentrating on Function

Sizing and specifications of the doors all play an important role in customizing the fit, but function is just as important. Besides being a good way to tie a room together, your window treatments are there to help improve your home. They bring solutions for issues pertaining specifically to your home, such as operating features, the type of light control necessary and even layout considerations.

Cellular Shades on sliding doors and side window.

Coordinating the Style.

The best window treatments for doors are those which bring the whole look of the room together. If you’re hesitant about covering your doors, you’re not alone. Since doors offer a great aid in opening up spaces and shifting the atmosphere of a room, it can be common to leave them bare. But, you can experience those same features, with the option to also make your home more beautiful with the right window treatments! With fabrics that cross categories, you can style windows and doors in the same shared space for an amazing result.

Rotating door with Vignette Modern Roman Shades.

Let Us Help You Find the Best Window Treatments for Doors!

Doors are a beautiful part of your home. Let us help you discover the ideal way to cover them for fit, function and style! Contact our team at Blue Sky Shutters & Shades to set up your FREE consultation.