Locally Made in Our Community

This time in our lives, due to COVID-19, has brought upon a lot of uncertainties for so many people. Here at Blue Sky Shutters & Shades we understand now–more than ever–how important it is to support your small shops and locally made products. We’ve been in this business for over 20 years and it’s all because of you!


Support Small

This difficult time has affected everyone in one way or another. From our eyes, it is easy to see how small businesses have been impacted. The businesses we’re talking about? The owners and employees all live right here in our local community. These are your favorite restaurants, boutiques, and salons. They need our support right now, and that doesn’t always mean buying something. You could simply follow them on social media and share their posts! Here are a few more ways you can show your support, even while social distancing:

Online is Key- Right now is a crucial time for the online side of businesses, since many places may not have their storefronts open, or customers are staying home. Type a quick review on your favorite shop in town, share their social media posts, post pictures of products you already have from these localities and rave about them.

Gift Cards Give Back Quickly- The money you use to purchase a gift card from a small shop helps them directly to take care of their families. The money gets to them right away, even while their physical store is closed, and then as soon as they open back up you get to enjoy the gift card, too!

Switch Up Your Everyday Choices- Instead of picking up all of your groceries at the classic big chain stores, pop into a farmer’s market or a butcher shop in town. Not only will you be supporting local, but I’m sure your experience there will be much better than just rushing through the aisles at the crowded stores.

Don’t Forget about Nonprofits- Shelters and food pantries are seeing a lot more people than usual these days. If you have some supplies you could drop off, now is the time! Try to pick up a few more cans the next time you do go to the grocery store.


Shop Locally Made

Store fronts in Bessemer City, North Carolina.

We may not have mentioned this before, but it’s something we have always been proud of. The Hunter Douglas products that we’ve been outfitting for your Reno homes are made right here in North America. Even better… some of the cities that our products call home are not the huge cities that have a lot of other big manufacturing companies. Take Bessemer City, North Carolina for example. Their bitty town of about 5,000 people brings us SEVEN of our different products, including the stunning Provenance Woven Woods.

ivory woven wood shades in these fabrics for your Reno NV home
Provenance® Woven Woods

Unemployment is going up by the day right now. Blue Sky Shutters and Shades is proud to provide jobs for the citizens of our great country. Choosing to shop locally made doesn’t have to limit your shopping possibilities. You’ll be amazed once you start to look into where things are sourced and who runs those businesses! Nearly everything you need, you can find from a source or store right near your hometown. Your community, and your country, will thank you!


We’re Right Here for You

Working from home has given us more time to connect in different ways with those of you who live in the same community we do. With the help of technology we have been able to still meet via phone and video meetings to help you figure out just what you need to improve your home, especially since you’re spending more time than ever there.

Playroom featuring Duette Cellular Shades by Hunter Douglas.

Whether you’re facing energy efficiency issues, child safety, increasing internal temps, wanting more privacy, or lighting problems, we have the solutions you need. And, by looking around over the last couple of months? We’re recognizing how grateful we are to be back in the Reno area. Contact us today to begin transforming the space that you call home.