Bright Beginnings: Color of the Year 2021

If ever there was a year to welcome some big changes, 2021 is it!  Back in early December, Pantone Color Institute announced their Color of the Year 2021. Just like the fresh beginnings we have been all hoping for, this year’s  top color choices won’t disappoint. Illuminating–a vivid yellow–has been chosen for the top spot. But, for a new twist, Pantone paired this joyous yellow with a neutral, called Ultimate Gray, for a balanced and grounded presentation.


Color of the Year 2021: Strength & Positivity

The past year has been hard for many of us. This year’s color of the year is not only about hues, but about highlighting our need for hope, strength and positivity in today’s world. The yellow is bright and sunny while the gray is solid and strong. These colors balance each other perfectly–supporting our need for happiness & fortitude.

Pantone Colors of the Year 2021

How to Apply these Colors?

Are yellow & gray not your colors? No worries. It’s less about the specific colors and more about how they pair together and how they make you feel. Try selecting a color that elicits inner happiness and optimism, balanced with a solid neutral to ground and stabilize. Your results will be perfect! Wondering how to apply all these ideas?  


Warm & Inviting Entry

Yellow is an eye-catching color when applied to the front door. It offers instant curb appeal as well as insight into the welcoming home behind that inviting door. Many colors offer the same stunning effect for a custom result. Want to paint your entry door? Some other colors to consider are aqua, black, red or even a bright pink.Color of the Year 2021 on Entry Door


Accents Using the Color of the Year

To freshen and brighten a room, consider adding splashes of color to your spaces. A painted accent wall, a section of wallpaper, throw pillows, area rugs, blankets, and art all work together, adding that perfect hint of playful and fun color to your home spaces. The results are understated but impressive.
color of the year in bedroom


Small Stunning Spaces

Sometimes smaller spaces are a great place to start. Using a bright color in a small space creates a pleasantly surprising outcome when balanced with neutral colors and furnishings. A nook, closet, small office or half bathroom are perfect places to experiment with a bolder and brighter splash of color. color of the year 2021 in small office


Custom Designs for 2021

This new year offers us the opportunity to create our best year yet. Looking to try out a new color in your Reno area home to reflect your new beginnings? Our team at Blue Sky Shutters and Shades, is here to help get you started with a FREE consultation. Contact us today!