Full Customization with Designer Window Treatments

Your house should feel as welcoming and homey as you want it to be. Our Designer Window Treatments allow you to unlock just that feeling! You’ll have access to specially curated textiles and a personalized design experience. Let us introduce you to all of the benefits you’ll receive while customizing your home, with these gorgeous window treatments. 


Specialty Fabrics

Whether you find yourself looking for classic styling, a whimsical pattern, or simple neutrals, the variety of fabrics in our collections will help you create a custom look you’ll love. From light silks to heavy velvets, and everything in between, your vision will come to life. 

Roman shades from Design Studio Window Treatments collection in Reno home.

Available Products

Now that you know some of the fabric possibilities, you may be left with the idea of, “What type of window treatments can I select?” 

  • Roman Shades
  • Roller Shades
  • Draperies
  • Drapery Side Panels
  • Top Treatments

Design Studio Window Treatments in living room in Reno, NV.

Layering for Style

Have you ever thought about layering your window treatments? Not only does it add dimension, contrast, and color to your room, but it also creates better control over the atmosphere of your space. Hunter Douglas shades always look and perform with amazing benefits, but paired with a layer of drapes, they will be absolutely breathtaking. 

Layered Hunter Douglas Design Studio Window Treatments in Reno home.

Personalized Home Accents

With Designer Window Treatments, you’re able to create a personalized look with both the fabrics and the hardware. That’s right, you can select the perfect hardware with rods to completely customize your look. And, it doesn’t stop there. Even with our motorized draperies, we have decorative rods, which can be very hard to come by! A third custom option you can add is custom pillow covers. This allows you to make finishing touches that match, with a cohesive design throughout the room. 

Reno bedroom with shades from Design Studio Window Treatments collection.

Time to Customize Your Own Designer Window Treatments

Here at Blue Sky Shutters and Shades, our team is very excited to introduce you to all the possibilities available through these great selections. Are you ready to take the plunge and completely customize your home? Contact us today to schedule your FREE in-home consultation with us.